Foam Inserts – Impact Protection For Products and Materials

Foam Inserts are essential in providing ultimate impact protection for products and materials during transportation. They are precision cut to give your product or material a form fitting protective space.

They help companies avoid spending time wrapping and arranging items for transport or storage. Moreover, they also present equipment in a professional manner.

They Are Customizable

If you work with delicate or expensive equipment, foam inserts are a great option. They can be cut to exact shapes and sizes to protect your product from impact damage during transit. This is particularly important for heavy machinery and military hardware. Foam inserts are also a good choice for gun cases or storage solutions that hold specialist tools.

Foam can be shaped to fit your specific product and can also include text or logos. This adds a professional touch to your packaging and will help you stand out from the competition.

Foam can also save you time and money by speeding up the packing process. Foam is much faster to use than bubble wrap and packing peanuts. This can reduce the amount of time your employees spend on packing and unpacking products, which can lead to a reduction in costs for your business. This is a small benefit that can have a big impact on your profits.

They Are Easy to Assemble

Foam inserts are easily arranged inside cases and boxes, making them ideal for protecting delicate equipment. The inserts are made of a thick, high-density foam that surrounds the item to prevent it from moving during transport. They also provide shock absorbency, protecting the item from impact and vibration.

A variety of foam materials are available to meet the specific needs of each case. Polyethylene and polyurethane are both cost-effective options that offer a high level of protection. Both are closed-cell foams that are able to absorb vibration and impacts. Polyethylene is more durable than urethane and is more visually appealing.

Another option is pick and pluck foam interiors, which have layers of foam with pre-diced cubes that can be removed by the customer to create a custom fit for their equipment. This type of foam is especially useful for engineers who are designing a custom case. It allows them to test how well an assembly will fit a case before the final design is cut.

They Are Durable

Foam inserts protect equipment from dings, dents, and scratches that would otherwise damage delicate products. They also prevent the items from shifting inside of a case during transit, which is a common cause of product breakage and other logistical problems.

Various foam types are available for different needs. Expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) is light, rigid and able to conform to the shape of an item to form a snug fit. This makes it ideal for protecting electronics, sports equipment, and other fragile goods.

Polyurethane foam offers great cushioning at a cost-effective price and can be easily molded or cut to serve specific applications. Eggcrate foam, for example, is visually reminiscent of its namesake and is ideal for storing lightweight goods like jewelry or high-end cosmetics. Cross linked polyethylene foam is highly durable and can be cut into a variety of shapes for visual appeal, such as in sales presentation kits. It is also highly abrasion resistant and can protect class “A” surfaces.

They Are Affordable

Foam inserts are a cost-effective way to protect your expensive equipment when shipping, transporting or storing it. Foam case inserts can be designed, engineered and fabricated on-site by the team at Philly Case to meet your specific requirements and ensure a snug fit for the item being shipped. This will prevent any movement or jostling during transit and reduce the risk of damage and replacement costs.

The types of foam available include expanded polyethylene, high-density ethylvinyl acetate and polyurethane. These range in density and price from low to high-end. Cross-linked polyethylene foam is considered the highest quality and is very durable and visually appealing. It can be used to protect Class-A surfaces and is commonly used in medical device packing and sales presentation kits.

Shadow Foam is a cost-effective, long-lasting and durable solution to organising your tools in flight cases and modular toolbox systems such as the DeWalt TSTAK, Milwaukee Packout or Bosch L-Boxx. Foam dividers and trays are a great alternative to plastic trays, and can be layered to efficiently use the height of your case.

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